Analytics & Benchmarking

If you want sellers to use the application that you developed to enhance their business, take into account that you have available a lot of useful information to help sellers create sales strategies and make smart decisions on time. Follow our guides to learn how to take advantage of every resource! Bear in mind that with our API you will be able to take the actions below:


→Sales metrics
→Visits and questions metrics
→Reputation metrics
→Market trends
→Price comparison

Sales metrics

At this point, you must already know that sales on MercadoLibre are in the Orders resource. You can use it to take metrics on product sales, your seller’s monthly sales, each sale result, and the money earned. You can offer this to your sellers so that they get accurate data about how their business is doing on MercadoLibre. Follow the guide of the Orders resource and learn how to take sales metrics.

Visits and questions metrics

It may come handy for you to keep metrics on visits and questions so you can use this information to take action on how buyers react to the items you listed, for example you can try titles or pictures and see if the visits increase or decrease, and you can try different descriptions templates and specifications to check if users need to make many questions before bidding on your products or they bid quickly, and also this will be helpful to know the most frequently asked question and develop a feature that suggests answers for them. To achieve this you can use our visits resource and the questions search.

Reputation metrics

Reputation is each user public face on MercadoLibre, so sellers with a better reputation will improve their chances of selling over other users. Have this in mind and make your sellers aware of the importance of giving and getting feedback. Go to this guide to know how to work with the feedback resource.

Help the sellers who use your application find out the most frequently searched words on our Marketplace. Follow this article to use our Trend resource.

Price comparison

You could suggest sellers using your system what’s the best price to sell their products and be competitive by analyzing the price of the same kind of products listed on MercadoLibre. To do this it may come handy to learn how to search items by category, then check the price field of those items and calculate the average.

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